Instruction. Registration at the exchange

Richamster Exchange is a young ambitious project. Our goal is to develop tools for comfortable and safe cryptocurrency trading


The main advantages of the exchange are:

👉 ease of use: everything from registration to trading and auction is adapted to the needs of each user, regardless of the level of technical knowledge. This makes work with the exchange convenient and understandable for everyone


👉 reliability and security: the exchange is provided with the appropriate security settings so that the user  can not be afraid for the safety of their own funds. Appropriate measures are provided to identify, commit and combat all factors that may be classified as criminal or unauthorized


👉 quality and speed: instant execution of orders and the ability to conduct trading immediately after the balance replenishment makes it possible to use the exchange quickly and simply


👉 the ability of the user to influence the management of the exchange: each user can influence the course of development of the Richamster project by purchasing cubes at the auction, which make it possible to obtain the appropriate status and participate in the consideration of the exchange's affairs by participating in a monthly vote. The presence of an appropriate number of cubes also reduces the commission during trading on the exchange


So, all that is necessary for conducting trading is registration and balance replenishment. The registration procedure takes several minutes and consists of the following steps:


  1. Go to richamster.com and click the "Sign up" button in the upper right corner

  1. In the form that opens, enter the appropriate data: your name and email address

  1. Create a password and enter the password confirmation. Attention! The password must be at least 8 characters  and must include letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers

  2. Confirm that you are not a US citizen, read the rules by clicking on the link and check that you have read the rules of the exchange

  3. Pass reCAPTCHA check

  4. Click "Sign up"

  5. You will receive an information letter with your registration data and personal PIN, which you need to remember. The system will request it from you at the first withdrawal of funds and in cases when you will change the details for withdrawal. This is one of the security measures.After all, if the attackers get access to your account, they will not be able to withdraw funds without knowing your PIN code.


  1. If you wish, you can set up two-factor authorization to enter the personal settings menu, which will significantly reduce the possibility of hacking your account.

  1. The final step is to fill in the verification data. This item is optional, but desirable because it allows the exchange administration to identify you in situations of loss of access to your account.