Rates of the exchange

Trading operations

The commission for the operation is 0.24-0.05% depending on the status (see the table below). Please note that commission for the operation can be reduced by purchasing at the auction the corresponding number of cubes

Crypto currency

Our tariff at replenishment of balance in crypto is 0

Our tariff for the derivation of the crypto currency is:

Currencies Fees
BTC 0.0005
LTC 0.001
KRB 0.1
ETH 0.001
ADA 0.2
WAVES 0.01
DIG 100000
XMR 0.001
DASH 0.01


Commission for the replenishment of the UAH balance depends on the aggregator and today it is 1%+5uah+10uah

GeoPay - 10 GRN for any amount

Bank transfer: depends on the conditions of your bank

The output to the card is 10 UAH commissions


User Statuses

There are no affiliate referral programs on the  exchange, but there are cubes that can be purchased at auction and with their help get a new status and privileges. The cube is an analog of the action. In addition to reducing the commission, the cubes that you own give you the opportunity to directly participate in planning further strategies for the development of our project. Below is a list of the statuses and privileges that each one gives


User Status Table

Minimum number of cubes in the account

Commission for trading
The right to trade on the exchange
The right to observe the discussion of the management of the exchange in personal account

Participation in the discussion (commenting) of management issues

Decision-making regarding the management of the exchange, the possibility to vote


0 0,24%


No No No

1 0.19% Yes Yes No No

100 0,14% Yes Yes Yes No

1000 0,09% Yes Yes Yes Yes

10000 0,00% Yes Yes Yes Yes



As you can see from the table data, even one cube is enough to get the first bonuses.